Jackie Armstrong is a kind and compassionate attorney you can trust. She gave me solid legal advice and is very knowledgeable about workforce law. Her billing is fair and she has won some really big cases.


To say Jackie is tenacious, is an understatement! For 6 years she fought against a company that wrongfully terminated my employment. They had high-powered lawyers that looked like amateurs next to Jackie's skillful manner of handling my case. She was totally committed to me every step of the way, even willingly appealing an unfair decision by the judge to the Federal Court of Appeals. She was compassionate and really made it her job to thoroughly understand my medical issues and how it affected this company's discrimination toward me.Her arguments were written very clearly sand persuasively. She clearly explained how the law applied to my case. She stayed in touch with me and communicated regularly and never delegated any tasks to junior staff. If you want an attorney you can depend on and who will really give it her all, I highly recommend Jacqueline Armstrong.


Jackie did an excellent job educating the witnesses about what to expect while being questioned by the attorneys and ensured everybody was informed about the entire court process. She was professional, thoughtful, compassionate and focused during the entire trial.


Jackie ....... fantastic person She is the one I want on my side.


Jacqui is truly a world-class lawyer who serves her clients with distinction. I give her my highest recommendation.


Jackie truly listens to her clients needs and ideas. She offers excellent negotiating and legal advice. I would not hesitate to use her again if the need arose.


Calling Attorney Armstrong was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! When I initially called her office, I was met with professionalism as well as prompt and courteous service. My initial consultation occurred soon after my first contact with Atty. Armstrong. I KNEW she was the one for me if I wanted a successful outcome, before my first consultation was over. I was right! My situation went from hopeless to back to work: Completely restored! She was so outstanding she "WON" without touching the courtroom! Her writing ability and her tenacity are second to none! Attorney Armstrong is one of the most personable, understanding, professionals I have ever had the pleasure to meet! One of the other things I loved about working with her was she always made time for me. Even if she was driving, she would pull over and talk or return calls on break while she was in court. I found her billing to be extremely fair and she didn't bill for EVERY question I had regarding the case...Additionally, periodically Attorney Armstrong would call just to check to see how my family and I were doing...She still does even though the case is over...Attorney Armstrong will win your case, if it has merit... If anyone complains about her, they possibly have had shortcomings regarding articulating the merits of their case and failure to accept her professional assessment of their case.. If you want to win, she's the one for you.


Without reservation, I recommend Ms. Armstrong as an effective attorney. My experience with her legal work and professionalism have been top notch. I've engaged her at least two times in the past five years to review complex employment agreements and appreciated how hard she worked at representing my best interests. She was skilled at considering and proposing alternatives to the other side and getting them accepted. Payment terms were clear and fair to me each time I engaged her.


Jackie is an excellent lawyer for me! I am a very successful oil and gas executive and I needed someone with her skills. She explained everything to me and made it something I could understand. I was very pleased on how she handled the other lawyers, with wonderful people skills. I would recommend her to any other executive for assistance and have already did that. If in the future, I need an attorney I would contact her immediately. If you need a great attorney to handle your affairs, I would recommend Jackie.


I have used Jackie on several occasions to negotiate employment agreements in advance of accepting a position, and also when severing employment. In each case Jackie provided excellent advice which helped in reaching fair and equitable outcomes. I value her counsel greatly, and will continue working with her when I have such legal needs.


Jackie Armstrong is a kind and compassionate attorney you can trust. She gave me solid legal advice and is very knowledgeable about workforce law. Her billing is fair and she has won some really big cases.


I've used Ms Armstrong on various occasions for legal advice concerning employment law and have always found I could trust her recommendations. Her competence and understanding of the law is of the highest standard and her billing practices fair.


Jackie has a firm understanding of the law and a passion to help those in need. She follows-up with the client and informs you of where you stand with the opposing side. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done - truly amazing attorney!