You Have Rights. You Are Not Alone.

Armstrong & Associates is devoted exclusively to employment law. From negotiating executive contracts to counseling employees through workplace disputes (frequently saving their jobs and reputations) to suing employers for compensation due to those wrongfully terminated, the firm's leader, Jacqueline Armstrong, is known as a tireless champion for the causes of employees.

Decades Of Experience

With over thirty years of trial experience, Ms. Armstrong is also an effective and tenacious litigator. Ms. Armstrong associates with an extensive network of top notch legal, investigative and trial support professionals to accommodate the most complex cases and most formidable adversaries. Her team brings decades of experience to the table with the highest caliber of skills.

Employment Law Disputes Addressed:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination (Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Disability, Age, and Religion)
  • Family & Medical Leave
  • Severance Counseling and Negotiation
  • NonCompete Agreement Counseling and Negotiation
  • Unemployment Benefits Process

Listening To Clients Is Key

Jacqueline Armstrong is committed to her clients. Her goal is to accomplish the client's goal. The law firm embraces the importance of listening to the client to fully understand the details of their situation and their goals. Jacqueline Armstrong then provides a thorough explanation of the law that applies to that client's unique situation. This counseling provides an understanding of employee rights that will benefit the client throughout their careers.

Contact Us

We are waiting for your call. It cannot be over-emphasized that consulting an attorney should take place as soon after an employment dispute arises for three primary reasons: 1) The goal is always to resolve a dispute prior to adverse action by management, 2) negotiating the best possible terms of separation, including non-compete restrictions, requires careful planning and positioning, and 3) expertise in posing the client's issues to the employer can ensure that rights are preserved when litigation becomes necessary to either recover damages or prevent further harm. Finally, many wrongly believe that "non-compete" agreements are never enforced. This simply isn't true. Consult an attorney if you are subject to such restrictions because delays can be costly.

If you need help with wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination or other issues, call Armstrong & Associates today at 832-975-0528 to begin learning about your options. You can also contact us by email. We accept credit cards for the convenience of clients.